Steering Post Height
Minimum Height for Shipping
Vertical Boom Travel
Low Lens Height (without Low Shot Attachment)
High Lens Height (without Camera Risers)
Boom Lifts per charge
Maximum Boom Lifting Capacity
Power Consumption

41.25 (105cm)
24 (61cm)
36.25 (92cm)
23 (58cm)
375 lbs (170kg)
30 (76cm)
31 (79cm)
61 (155cm)
Approx. 4
150 lbs (68kg)
120vac/5 amps; 240vac/3 amps




The Power Light does not come on. There is no power to the Power Cord

The Circuit Breaker has been tripped.

The Low Voltage Fuse has blown.
The Power Light is on but the Motor will not start. The cables are not connected properly to the circuit board, the motor, or the capacitor. Call for assistance.

The pressure is too high. Raise and Lower the Boom to lower the pressure.

The Pressure Switch Cable is disconnected.
There is pressure in the system but the boom will not raise up. The Up Speed Limiter is closed.

There is too much weight on the boom.
The hydraulic system will charge but loses pressure. The check valve on the Electric Pump is not sealing properly.

Both check valves in the Hand Pump are not sealing properly.

The Pressure Relief Valve is not sealing properly.

Oil is leaking out of the system. Open up the top covers and check for oil leaks.
The Boom moves up or down slowly when it should be stopped. The Boom Control Knob is not at the 0 position when at rest.

The Up or Down Controls on the Boom Control Valve need adjustment.
The Motor shuts off before the specified psi. The oil level is too low. (the Low Oil Light should come on)

The Pressure Switch needs adjustment.
The Motor will continue pumping past the specified psi. The Pressure Switch needs adjustment.

The Micro Switch is not working properly. Call for assistance.
The Dolly will not roll straight in Crab Mode. The wheels need alignment.

The upper or lower chain is loose.
Shifting between Crab and Steer is not smooth. The Upper Key needs adjustment.

The Key Rollers are not working properly.

The Shifting Rod is not engaging properly.
The Motor turns on but the oil pressure does not increase. The Pulley Belt is loose or broken.

Oil is passing through one of the valves.

The Accumulator has no pre-charge pressure.

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