The Pressure Switch shuts off the electric motor when the hydraulic oil reaches the preset pressure. Check the Specifications label at the rear of the dolly for the Pressure Switch Setting. This should not be adjusted unless there is a malfunction, and it should never be set higher than specified, this could damage the system.

To adjust the pressure setting, remove the Pressure Switch Plug(30), and insert a 1/4" hex wrench into the Adjustment Screw(44) inside the hole as shown in Figure H9.

If the motor shuts off before the specified psi, turn the Adjustment Screw 1/4 turn clockwise, raise and lower the boom to reduce the pressure, then start the motor again and check the shut off pressure. Repeat this process until the motor shuts off at the correct pressure.

If the pressure goes over the specified psi, press the Stop Button, and loosen the Adjustment Screw by turning it a couple of full turns counterclockwise. Check the shut off pressure again, then refer to the above sections to set the correct pressure.

NOTE: If the motor will not start, raise and lower the boom until the Ready Light comes on. Then press the Start Button.

Figure H9

43 Micro Switch
44 Switch Adjustment Screw (inside the socket)


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