When the Boom Control Valve can no longer be adjusted to stop “Boom Drift”, as described in the Maintenance section, the seals need to be replaced or cleaned.

To remove the seals, raise and lower the boom until the Pressure Gauge reads “0”. Using a 1/8” hex wrench, slowly loosen the Down Control Screw on the Boom Control Valve two full turns, then slowly loosen the Up Control Screw(1) two full turns as shown in Figure V1. This will release all oil pressure in the system.

Figure V1

Remove the Valve Access Panel. Then, using a hex wrench, remove the Valve Cover Plate by removing the two Cover Plate Screws (2), as shown in Figure V2.

Figure V2

Loosen the Pin Set Screw(4), then push up and remove the Rocker Pivot Pin(3) using a small pin or dowel from the Pin Access Hole (5) in the bottom of the valve, as shown in Figure V3. 

Figure V3


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