The Hydraulic Oil Filter is located in the Manifold(7) and should be changed when the oil is changed.

To change the filter, there must be absolutely no oil pressure in the system. When the Pressure Gauge reads "0" there is still a little pressure in it.

First, raise and lower the boom until the Pressure Gauge reads near "0". The rest of the pressure needs to be removed from the Boom Control Valve(32). Using a 1/8 hex wrench, slowly rotate the Down Control screw counterclockwise two full turns. Then slowly rotate the Up Control screw the same way. This sends all the oil under pressure back to the Oil Tank.

Remove the Filter Plug(28)(page 19), then remove the Filter Spring(41) and Filter Assembly(42), using a magnet or other tool as shown in Figure H8.

Replace with a new Filter part no. HM-OFCG-11

NOTE: Make sure the o-ring is attached to the filter stud.

Place the spring over the filter and tighten the Filter Plug in the Manifold until it stops. Then adjust the two control screws on the Boom Control Valve until the seals are seated properly.

Adjusting Boom Drift in the Maintenance section on how to adjust the Up and Down Control Screws.

Figure H8

41 Filter Spring
42 Filter Assembly


A) Replacement Filter
Part No. HM-OFCG-11


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