Checking the Oil Level

Check the hydraulic oil only when the dolly is on level ground and when the Pressure Gauge reads between 0 and 500 psi. View the level using the gauge at the left rear of the dolly. Figure M1. The level should be in the Green range.

If the oil is low, The Low Oil Light will come on and shut the pump off. Add oil only when the light is on, and only add enough to make the Low Oil light turn off. Too much oil will cause an overflow, which can leak out through the vent.

Use only:

Mobil DTE 24 Hydraulic/Circulating Oil

Figure M1

Wheel Alignment

The wheels must be aligned properly for smooth and straight dolly movement. To align the wheels, place in CRAB mode and keep the Steering Post straight. All the wheels should be aligned straight with the sides of the dolly. If a set of wheels is not straight, using the Multi-Tool(1), loosen the Alignment Screw(2) on the wheel shaft and align the wheels straight, with the side of the dolly, then tighten, as in Figure M2.

Figure M2

Adjusting Boom Drift

If the Boom Arm moves when the Boom Control Knob is at 0, the Boom Control Valve needs to be adjusted.

There are 2 set screws to adjust this through the Access Holes(3) in the Valve Cover Plate.

If the boom moves up, make sure the Boom Control Knob is at "0", then slowly rotate the UP CONTROL screw clockwise with a 1/8" hex wrench just until the boom stops moving. Do not make tight.

If the boom moves down, make sure the Boom Control Knob is at "0", then rotate the DOWN CONTROL screw clockwise just until the boom stops moving. Do not make tight.

Warning: Making the adjustment screws too tight could damage the valve. If boom drift can not be stopped, the Valve Seals may need to be replaced

Figure M3


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