Using the Low Shot Attachment

The Low Shot Attachment is used to get the camera 15 inches lower. The maximum weight limit is 100 lbs.

CAUTION: Use of the Low Shot Attachment can cause the boom arm to flex slightly, making the camera 'bounce' while in motion. Extra care should be taken to avoid this, by not making sudden starts and stops.

Attach the Low Shot directly to the Leveling Head and secure it with the Locking Nut as shown in Figure DO17. Do not try to attach it to the side of the boom. Only attach it in the straight forward position as shown.

Figure DO17

Using Ball Adapters

Ball Adapters are available in 3 sizes, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. They are used to attach fluid heads and other pan and tilt camera heads with ball mounts, to the flat mounting plate.

Mount the adapter directly to the mounting plate on either the Leveling Head, Camera Riser, or Low Shot Attachment, and secure with the Locking Nut supplied with the adapter.

Figure DO18

Using the Front Drop Bracket

The Front Drop Bracket is used to attach the track wheels and a platform to the front of the dolly.

To attach the bracket, hold as shown in Figure DO19, press in the release buttons with your thumbs, and slide into the frame sockets on the front of the dolly until they 'click' in place. Check to make sure the bracket is secure.

To remove the bracket, press the release buttons in and pull the bracket out.

Figure DO19


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