Attaching Seats

Seats can be attached in any of the two Utility Holes on the dolly frame.

WARNING: Do not use seats if they are damaged or missing parts, and always maintain balance and stability. Do not attach a seat to a Utility Arm.

Sharp turns with the seat extended out to the side could cause the dolly to tip over. Do not slide the Locking Shaft Collar(6) down past the notch in the Seat Post(5), this could cause damage to the seat and the socket in the frame. Do not exceed the 250lb (114kg) weight limit of the seat.

To attach a seat, loosen the Locking Shaft Collar(6) on the Seat Post(5), insert the shaft into a Utility Hole, slide the collar down to the hole, align the square base of the collar with the square hole and insert it completely. Tighten the Collar Knob(7).

Figure DO15

Attaching a Utility Arm

Utility Arms can be used in conjunction with lights, a monitor holder, or other device using a junior (1-1/8) mounting stud.

Attach the Utility Arm in the same manner as the seat.

Figure DO16


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