Adjusting the Parking Brake

If the brake is does not feel tight when engaged, it must be adjusted. Remove the brake pin(1) as shown in Figure M4. Turn the brake lever clockwise one full turn at a time and insert the pin and test the brake. If the brake is still not tight, repeat this process. Do not over tighten.

Note: The Valve Connection Socket may need to be disengaged to turn the brake lever around

If the brake will not tighten enough, check the Brake Shoes at the inner rim of the wheels. If they are worn, replace with part no. 89-9016

Figure M4

Figure M5

Adjusting the Boom Rollers

The Boom Rollers may need adjustment over time depending on wear and use.

There are two sets of adjustment screws on each side of the boom arm. Four sets total. One set is on the top and one is on the bottom, on each side, as shown in Figure M7.

The end screw(2) , tightens the rollers together, and the inner screw(3), pushes them apart. These must be adjusted together. To adjust, first loosen the Inner Screw(3), then adjust the End Screw(2) until the rollers are snug on the roller rod, then tighten the Compression Screw to lock it in place.

Note: Over tightening will cause the boom to 'bind' and possibly be noisy.

The dolly may need to be raised up in order to adjust the screws on the bottom.

Figure M6

Figure M7


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