Priming the Hand Pump

If the Hand Pump feels “springy” while trying to pump, and does not appear to be pumping oil, the Hand Pump has lost it's suction because air is in the pump. This is caused by shaking and vibration during transport or other movement, causing the oil in the suction hose to flow back into the reservoir.

To remove this air, raise and lower the boom until the Pressure Gauge reads “0”. Pump the Hand Pump with full strokes until you feel the oil flowing through and the pressure increases on the gauge.

If this method does not work, the back pressure in the Accumulator is too strong for the amount of air in the Hand Pump. To solve this problem, priming requires two people. With “0” pressure on the gauge, turn the Boom Control Knob to the UP position and hold it there, make sure the Speed Limiters are open, then start pumping the Hand Pump while another person starts lifting the boom. This will draw the oil through the Hand Pump and remove the air.

Figure M8

Changing the Hydraulic Oil

The hydraulic oil rarely needs changing except when used in severe applications or becomes contaminated. The Oil Filter should also be changed at this time.

To drain the oil, place an oil pan for at least 2 quarts of oil under the drain and remove the Drain Plug. The oil will drain very slowly. Replace with DTE 24 light hydraulic oil only. Do not use transmission fluid.

Figure M9


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