The Pressure Relief Valve is a safety feature to protect the hydraulic components from damage due to excessive pressure. This is a spring operated valve that opens with high pressure. The valve is set at the factory between 1700 and 2000 psi and should not be adjusted unless there is a malfunction.

The Pressure Relief Valve is one of the components that maintains oil pressure in the accumulator. If this valve leaks, oil pressure will drop over time. If the valve is leaking, oil can be seen flowing through the Pressure Relief Hose(40). There may be oil in the hose already, so check for air bubbles moving toward the oil tank.

To adjust this valve, remove the Pressure Relief Valve Plug, insert a 1/4" hex wrench into the hole as shown in Figure H7, and tighten the screw until it stops.

Pump up the pressure in the system with the electric pump until it stops, then use the hand pump to increase the pressure to 2000 psi.

Slowly loosen the Pressure Relief Valve Screw until oil starts moving through the Pressure Relief Hose(40), then tighten 1/4 turn and replace the Pressure Relief Valve Plug quickly to prevent oil from flowing out.

Figure H7

29 Pressure Relief Valve
40 Pressure Relief Hose


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