Setting the Speed Limiter Valves

The Speed Limiter Valves are used to set a maximum speed for boom movement. There are 2 valves, one for up movement and one for down movement. This is useful if you need to make very slow and steady boom movement for a particular shot. To set a Speed Limiter, close the appropriate valve all the way by turning it clockwise. Slowly turn the Boom Control Knob all the way to the corresponding direction of boom movement, the boom should not be moving at this point. Then, slowly open the Speed Limiter Valve until the boom moves at the desired rate. Now, when you turn the Boom Control Knob in that direction, the boom will only move as fast as the Speed Limiter was set.

Figure D07

Shifting Steering Modes

To shift steering modes, turn the Steering Post to the straight position, place your hands on the Mode Knobs(1) and rotate them toward you until they stop for CRAB, and away from you for STEER. The red dots indicate which mode you are in, as shown in Figure DO8.

If the shifting mechanism does not seem to engage properly, see the

Figure D08

Setting the Parking Brake

The Parking Brake is used to set the dolly in a fixed position on level ground when the dolly is not moving. Do not use it to stop the dolly while moving or when on a sloped surface. Use sand bags or chocks to hold the wheels when on a slope.

To set the brake, lift the brake lever up until it locks in place. It will 'click' when engaged. To release the brake, push the lever down.

Figure D09


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