Attaching a Camera

The Leveling Head on the boom has a Mitchell Mounting Plate on the top. If your panning head has a different mount, you must use an adapter. (See Using Ball Adapters) Mount the head, i.e. Fluid Head, Friction Head, or Geared Head, and make sure it is properly secured with a Locking Nut. Then mount and secure the camera.

Figure D04

Leveling the Head

The head is level when the bubble in the Level(1) is in the center of the circle. If the bubble is not in the circle, loosen the leveling knobs the bubble is pointing toward, and tighten the knob(s) opposite them, until the bubble is in the center. Make sure all 4 knobs are tight.

Figure D05

Operating the Boom

To raise the boom, turn the Boom Control Knob slowly to the left until the desired movement is obtained. Do not turn the knob fast. This will cause jerky movement. Practice several times until you have the 'feel' of it. This is critical to get smooth camera movement. To lower the boom, turn the knob slowly to the right. (See Setting the Speed Limiter Valves for more precise boom movement.)

Figure D06


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