NOTE: Before using the Vector Dolly for the day, make sure all the systems are working properly. Check the oil level, the AC Pump Motor, the Boom Control Valve, the Hand Pump, the Parking Brake, the steering modes, the wheel alignment, and make sure the boom roller rods are clean.

If any of the systems do not perform as specified, see the
TROUBLESHOOTING section of this manual.

Charging with AC Power

Plug the Power Cord into an AC power source with the rated voltage and amperage indicated on the dolly. The red POWER light should come on indicating that power is connected. The green READY light should be on if there is not a full charge on the pressure gauge. To reduce the pressure, raise and lower the boom a couple of times.

With the READY light on, press the START button to begin charging. The yellow PUMP ON light will come on. The pump will shut off automatically in the small yellow zone on the pressure gauge. About 1500 psi. (Check the Specification Label on the Dolly for the exact shut-off pressure.) The pressure will drop slightly when the pump shuts off, then it will stabilize.

If the pump does not shut off as indicated, press the STOP button and refer to the
TROUBLESHOOTING section. Do not let the pressure exceed 2000psi.

Figure D01

Figure D02

Charging with the Hand Pump

Place the Multi-Tool in the Hand Pump socket and begin pumping, as shown in Figure D03. Do not exceed 2000 psi. If the pump feels 'springy', there is air trapped in it and it must be purged. See Priming the Hand Pump.

Figure D03


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