Boom Lock Adjustment

For the boom to lower and lock properly the opening on the rotating lock must be aligned to the opening on the bracket.

To adjust this, loosen the nut(1) at the bottom of the assembly, then rotate the sleeve(2) in either direction until the two openings are aligned with each other at the top, then tighten the nut at the bottom.

If the boom does not lower into the center of the opening, loosen the 2 screws at the bottom of the Bracket(3) with a 3/16" hex wrench, then slide the bracket forward or backward until it is aligned with the boom. Then tighten the 2 screws.

Pressure Rod Adjustment

The Pressure Rod will need to be adjusted periodically to eliminate backlash and a "clicking" sound that may occur when moving the boom up and down.

There are two points that may need adjustment, the Front Acme Nut (4) and the rear Clamp Nut (5)

To determine which nut needs adjustment, slowly move the boom up and down and watch for any movement at the two nuts.

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