Wheel Swivel Adjustment

If the wheels do not swivel properly, they may be too loose or too tight.

If they are tight, they will not swivel fast enough, and when they are loose, the wheels will wobble while swiveling.

To adjust the swivel action, remove the black cap at the end of the wheel leg. With a 9/16" socket wrench, tighten the swivel nut (1) all the way until it stops, then loosen it approximately 1/8 of a turn (45°). Check for ease of swiveling, continue to adjust if necessary.

Friction Boom Stop Adjustment

To set the Friction Stop to the proper setting, first remove the cover plate by removing the thumb knob at the top of the cover, and lifting the cover off. Make sure the Friction Lever is released fully as shown in Figure M6

Remove the Disc Screw(2) with a 1/8" hex wrench. Tighten the Friction Disc(3) hand tight, making sure it keeps the Boom Arm from moving easily, while it is balanced for the weight..

Adjust the Cable Tension Rod(4) by loosening and tightening the 2 nuts(5) on either side of the Tension Block, until the Tension Lever(6) aligns with the nearest hole on the disc. Insert the Disc Screw into the hole and tighten. Replace the cover.

Note: For best operation, try to keep the Tension Lever at a 90° angle from the cable.

Figure M4

Figure M5

Figure M6


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