Wheel Alignment

The wheels must be aligned properly for smooth and straight dolly movement.

With the front legs locked straight forward, the rear legs locked straight backward, and the wheels are all locked straight, the wheels should be aligned straight with the dolly frame. Push the dolly forward and backward several feet to see if the dolly remains straight. If not, one or more of the wheels may need adjustment.

To align the wheels, loosen the hex head screw(1) between the Pin Plate and the Wheel Indexing Disc, using a 7/16" open end wrench as shown in Figures M1 andM2.

Rotate the Pin Plate until the wheels align with the frame, while the wheels are still locked, then tighten the screw.

Wheel Rotation Adjustment

If the wheels become wobbly on the axle, or they don't rotate easily, they may need adjusting.

To adjust the wheels, remove the black hub cap cover from the hub cap. Turn the axle nut(2) a little bit at a time and check the wheel. Do not tighten all the way or the bearings will not turn. The wheels should spin freely when the axle nut is adjusted properly.

Figure M1

Figure M2

Figure M3


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