Using the PD-1 on Track

NOTE: The PD-1 Track Wheels are an optional accessory. They should be installed at the factory for best performance. Once installed, you can switch from rolling the dolly on smooth flooring to dolly track without making any changes to the wheels.

To use the PD-1 on track, all the wheels must be unlocked to swivel freely, and the Wheel Legs on one side of the dolly should swing freely and the two legs on the other side should be fixed sticking out at either a 60° or 90° angle.

To set the legs to swing freely, pull the ring pin down and turn it ¼ turn (90°) until it locks in the retracted position.

If a camera operator will be sitting on the dolly while on track, the dolly should be set up as shown in Figures DO3 and DO4.

In Figure DO3 the Wheel Legs on side 1 of the dolly, are locked in position. and the Legs on side 2 swing freely.

In Figure DO4, the Legs on side 1 swing freely and the Legs on side 2 are locked in position.

The camera operator should always be sitting on the side with the legs locked out to the side, and the legs that swing freely should be more in line with the dolly frame, as shown.

Figure D03

Figure D04


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