Moving the Boom

To move the boom up or down, squeeze the Friction Lever and manually move the boom to the desired position, then release the lever.

The Friction Lever can be mounted anywhere it is convenient on the dolly, or on the panning handle of your fluid head (or other type of pan and tilt head)

Rolling the Dolly

The PD-1 can be either pushed or pulled from the Push Bar.

For "normal" rear wheel steering, lock the front wheels(1) in the straight forward position, and unlock the rear wheels(2) for free swiveling. This will enable you to maneuver the dolly for most tracking shots, and moving it to and from the set.

NOTE: For smooth transitions from pushing to pulling, move the rear wheels in a small circular motion to prevent a jerking motion when they swivel.

For specific shots, the wheels can be configured in many different ways.
All the wheels can be locked at a 90° angle to move the dolly sideways, or they can all be set at 30° or 60° for angular movement.

The wheels can also be set to different angles for a curving motion. This will take some trial and error to get the right motion.

Figure D01

Figure D02


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