Attaching a Seat

Seats can be placed in either of the two Utility Sockets located on each side of the dolly.

To attach a seat, loosen the Locking Shaft Collar(2) on the Seat Post(1), insert the shaft into a Utility Hole, slide the collar down to the hole, align the square base of the collar with the square hole and insert it completely. Tighten the Collar Knob(3). Then Place the Seat Cushion into the sliding socket.

WARNING: To avoid tipping, do not have the Camera Operator or other weight sit out past the wheel base.

Attaching a Utility Arm

Utility Arms come in two sizes, long (18") and short (12"), and can be used in conjunction with lights, a monitor holder, or other device with a

junior (1-1/8) mounting stud.

Attach the Utility Arm in the same manner as the seat.

The Swivel Knob(4) is used to lock the arm in position so it will not swing while the dolly is moving.

The Attachment Knob(5) is used to secure a device with a junior stud.

Figure S15

Figure S16


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