Attaching Side Platforms

Platforms can be attached on either side of the dolly.

To attach a platform, align it with the sockets on the side of the dolly frame, as shown in Figure S13. Push in the buttons(1) at the end of each support rod and insert the rods into the sockets all the way and release the buttons. Pull on the platform to make sure it is locked in place.

To remove the platform, push in the buttons on the support rods and pull the platform out.

Note: The support rods are suppose to have a little movement to them underneath the platform. Do not tighten them to the platform or they will not slide in and out of the sockets on the frame easily.

Using Camera Risers

Camera risers come in 3 sizes and are used to get the camera higher.

NOTE: All camera risers add instability to the camera. Only use a riser when necessary and only use the size needed.

To avoid unsteady camera movement, tall camera risers should not be used with the boom all the way down.

Attach camera risers directly to the Leveling Head and secure them with the Locking Knob(2) as shown in Figure S14

Figure S13

Figure S14


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