Adjusting the Boom Capacity

Be sure the boom is adjusted for the minimum weight, to do this, the Hand Wheel should be turned counter-clockwise until it stops.

Unlock the Boom Lock, by moving the Lock Lever toward the rear of the dolly (the Push Bar end) as shown in Figure S10.

Squeeze the Friction Lever(1) and tighten the Adjustment Screw(2) so the lever is locked all the down. (Figure S11)

With the camera (or other device) secured to the boom head, turn the Hand Wheel slowly clockwise to increase the pressure until the boom starts to raise up by itself. (Figure S12).

At this point, lift the boom manually up and down and determine if the pressure both up and down is the same. If up is harder than down, increase the boom pressure. If down is harder to move than up, decrease the boom pressure.

Note: Be sure the Friction Lever is locked in the squeezed position, or it is being squeezed manually every time you adjust the boom capacity.

Once the boom is "balanced", unlock the Friction Lever by loosening the adjustment screw(2).

Note: The pressure in the Gas Springs will change with the temperature. The hotter they are, the more pressure they will have.

Figure S10

Figure S11

Figure S12


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