Attaching a Camera

The Leveling Head on the Boom Arm has our exclusive PD Mounting Plate. In order to attach your panning head to the mounting plate, you must use an adapter. The adapter type will depend on your panning head.

Note: When using Camera Risers or other attachments made for the PD-1 Dolly, they will attach directly to the PD Mounting Plate.

To attach a camera, be sure the boom is down and locked, place the appropriate adapter on the mounting plate, as shown in Figure S7, attach and secure the panning head, then attach the camera. The Friction Lever can be attached to the Pan Handle for ease of operation.

Note: Be sure the combined weight of the camera, panning head , adapter, and any camera riser does not exceed
70 lbs.

Leveling the Head

The Head is level when the bubble in the Bulls Eye Level(1) is in the center of the circle. If the bubble is not in the circle, loosen the leveling knob(s) the bubble is pointing toward, and tighten the knob(s) on the opposite side until the bubble is in the center. Make sure all 4 knobs are tight.

Figure S7

Figure S8

Figure S9


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