Adjusting the Wheels

There are two modes for each wheel pair, locked in a fixed position and the swivel mode. For the fixed position, the dot on the top of the locking pin knob(1) should be pointed away from the leg, for the swivel mode the dot should be pointed toward the leg.

To unlock for the swivel mode, lift and rotate the pin knob 1/2 turn until it locks in place, in the up position.

To lock in a fixed position, lift and turn the pin knob away from the leg until it slides into position, then swivel the wheel slightly until it locks in place. The wheels will lock at 30° intervals.

For a "normal steering mode", set the rear wheels (by the Push Bar) to swivel freely and lock the front wheels in the straight forward position.

Attaching the Push Bar

Place the Push Bar over the 2 sockets on the dolly frame, as shown in Figure S5. Make sure the 2 thumb screws(2,3) are loosened enough so they are not sticking into the socket holes.

Lower the Push Bar into the sockets, tighten the 2 thumb screws, then tighten the Push Bar Knob(4) to the frame.

Removing the Push Bar

Loosen the Push Bar Knob first, then loosen the 2 thumb screws and lift the Push Bar straight up. This may require a little force to break it loose.

Figure S4

Figure S5

Figure S6


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