Adjusting the Wheel Legs

Before setting up the PD-1, be sure the boom is down and locked as shown in Figure S1.

To adjust the legs, pull the ring pin(1) down and swing the leg out to the approximate desired position, release the pin and continue moving the leg until it locks into position.
The Leg will lock into any of 4 positions, plus the closed position.
The positions are as follows:

1) Straight out at 90° from the frame, the widest wheel base for maximum stability; 2) 60° toward the front (or Rear); 3) 30° toward the front; and 4) straight in line with the frame for the narrowest wheel base.

The "Normal" position for the most common usage would be to have the legs at the 60° angle, as shown in Figure S3

For best operation, place all the wheel legs in similar positions. Non-symetrical positions may cause poor rolling when some of the wheels are set to swivel

Figure S1

Figure S2

Figure S3


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