1 Mounting Plate

Mount a Camera Head, Camera Riser, or other attachment made for the PD-1 Dolly

2 Leveling Head

Set this level each time the dolly is re-positoned to insure level panning.

3 Leveling Knob (4)

These knobs are used for leveling the head.

4 Boom Arm

This supports the Camera and other attachments as it moves up and down.

5 Boom Lock

This Locks the Boom in the down position for transportation and when changing boom weight

6 Front Hand Grip (2)

Lift the front of the Dolly from these grips.

7 Wheel Leg (4)

These 4 legs can be adjusted to any of 4 positions for different dolly widths and stability, and also a closed position for transporting.

8 Wheel Pair (4)

These 4 wheel pairs can swivel freely or be locked into any of 12 positions, (every 30°) for a variety of steering modes. For normal rear steering, the front 2 wheel pairs should be locked straight forward, and the rear 2 should swivel freely. The optional track wheels are permanently attached between these wheels.

9 Leg Lock (4)

Pull this ring pin down to adjust the leg. Pull it down and turn it 90° to let the leg move freely when on track.

10 Locking Utility Hole (2)

Mount Seats or other attachments in either of the 2 holes on the frame.

11 Platform Socket

There are 2 sockets on each side of the dolly frame. This is where the side platforms are attached.

12 Grease Fitting (2)

There are 2 grease fittings, one on the boom as shown, and one below the boom on the Pressure Rod Block.

13 Skid Wheels

These wheels protect the Hand Wheel from damage when rolling the dolly with the legs in the closed position.

14 Hand Wheel

This wheel adjusts the boom weight capacity.

15 Push Bar Locking Screw (2)

These Thumb Screws lock the lower portion of the Push Bar to the frame.

16 Wheel Lock (4)

This pin locks the wheels to any of 12 positions. Lift and turn the pin knob 90° to let the wheel swivel freely.

17 Rear Lift Bar (2)

Lift the rear of the dolly using these two lift bars.

18 Push Bar Lock Knob

This knob secures the upper portion of the Push Bar to the frame.

19 Push Bar

The Push Bar is used to maneuver the dolly.

20 Gas Spring (2)

These gas springs hold the weight of the boom and the camera. Their pressure on the boom is adjusted using the Hand Wheel.

21 Friction Lever

Squeeze this lever to move the boom up and down and release to add friction to the boom movement.

NOTE: This does not lock the boom into a position. It only adds some friction to the boom movement, making it a little harder to move.

Leveling Head Level

Use this bulls eye level to make sure the leveling head is level for panning.


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