Make sure the camera and all other attachments are secured properly before operating the dolly.

Make sure there is nothing that will interfere with the boom movement.

Keep all hands and feet away from the boom path. Keep all cables and equipment away from the boom and other moving parts.

Do not operate the dolly with damaged or missing parts.

Before operating the dolly on delicate floors, or carpeting, cover the floor with plywood or other material to prevent damage from the wheels.

Always maintain dolly stability. Keep weight evenly distributed, and keep the center of gravity as close to the ground as possible.

Do not lift the dolly using the Push Bar. Use the Rear Lift Bars and the Front Hand Grips.

Do not turn the dolly sideways or upside down without securing the boom.

Do not use the boom arm to lift or hold a person.

Do not leave the dolly unattended without blocking the wheels to prevent movement.

The dolly is not waterproof, it must be covered when in wet or rainy conditions.

Do not attach or remove a camera or other attachment without locking the boom in the down position.

PD-1 Dolly

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