• Make sure the camera and all other attachments are secured properly before operating the dolly.
  • Make sure there is nothing that will interfere with the boom movement. Keep all hands and feet away from the boom path. Keep all cables and equipment away from the boom and other moving parts.
  • Keep the Boom Roller Rods clean at all times. Wipe with a rag sprayed with WD-40 to clean.
  • This dolly contains a high pressure hydraulic accumulator system. There is Nitrogen Gas under high pressure in the accumulator at all times, even when the pressure gauge reads "0". Handle with care at all times.
  • Do not operate the dolly with damaged hydraulic parts, or any other damaged or missing parts.
  • Before operating the dolly on delicate floors, or carpeting, cover the floor with plywood or other material to prevent damage from the wheels, hydraulic oil, or grease.
  • Always maintain dolly stability. Keep weight evenly distributed, and keep the center of gravity as close to the ground as possible.
  • Do not lift the dolly at the rear using the steering post. Use the lift handles at the rear frame.
  • Do not turn the dolly sideways without securing the boom. Lower the boom and then close both Speed Limiter Valves by turning them clockwise until they stop.
  • Do not turn the dolly upside down. Hydraulic oil could leak out through the vent tubes.
  • Do not use the boom to lift or hold a person.
  • Do not leave the dolly unattended without setting the Parking Brake when on level ground.
  • The Parking Brake is not designed to hold the dolly on a sloped surface. Block the wheels to prevent movement with sand bags or chocks.
  • Do not use the Parking Brake to stop the dolly while it is moving. It is only to be set when the dolly is stopped.
  • The Vector Dolly weighs over 375 lbs and rolls very easy. It can easily get out of control when moving downhill. Use extra help when moving on a sloped surface to prevent a ‘runaway’.
  • Use the Push Bar for pushing up and down hill.
  • The dolly is not waterproof, it must be covered when in wet or rainy conditions.

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