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The Cameleon Hybrid Camera Dolly

Cameleon Hybrid Camera Dolly
The Cameleon Hybrid is our newest concept in affordable camera dollies. There's no hydraulic system, no electrical system, no charging, no pumping required, no other services or equipment needed, and no counterweights to lug around, making it completely self contained, and it still gives unlimited smooth and up and down boom arm movement.

And since we've eliminated all those complex systems, we've also eliminated all the maintenance that goes along with them, making this dolly virtually maintenance free.

As with all our dollies, the Cameleon Hybrid has a unitized welded body giving it maximum strength and durability for decades of use, and is finished with a powdercoat that is UV and chemical resistant.

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Cameleon Hybrid Dolly

The is the basic dolly which includes the 4-Way Leveling Head and Steering Post. The Steering Post also detaches if needed for Jib Arm swing or shipping.

$8,995.00 each

Limited Supply
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Basic Dolly Seat

This seat is for use in the front Utility Holes on the Dolly. The arm swivels from side to side and the seat cushion is adjustable in height, and it also swivels.

$369.00 each

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Cameleon Hybrid Track Wheel Set

The Track Wheels attach to the front drop bracket and the rear of the dolly. They are "Skateboard" type wheels and will run on straight and curved standard dolly track.

Note: The Track Wheels require the Front Drop Bracket

$379.00 per set

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Front Drop Bracket

This bracket attaches to the front of the dolly and drops down for other attachments such as Track Wheels or a Platform.

$359.00 each

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6" Platform

This 6" x 24" platform attaches to either side of the dolly, and to the Front Drop Bracket. It can also be attached forward on the side to make a "Pork Chop" type set-up

$299.00 each

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Jib Arm Braces

These two adjustable rods are attached to the Frame and Boom Arm to support additional weight, such as a Jib Arm. The Boom Arm can not be moved when these are attached, and the maximum capacity of the Arm when using these is 250 lbs (114kg)

$269.00 per set

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75mm Ball Adapter

This adapter is used to mount fluid heads or other pan and tilt heads with a 75mm ball base.
Includes adapter bowl and holding flange.

$245.00 each

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100mm Ball Adapter

This adapter is used to mount fluid heads with a 100mm ball base.
Includes adapter bowl and tie down nut.

$275.00 each

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150mm Ball Adapter

This adapter is used for fluid heads with a 150mm ball base.
Includes adapter bowl and tie down nut.

Note: The bottom of the ball must be flat and at least 3" wide.

$295.00 each

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6" Camera Riser

This raises the mounting plate 6" for a camera, jib arm, or other device.
Includes tie down nut.

$349.00 each

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Dolly Track

Standard dolly track is available through a third party vendor.

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