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The Cameleon Hybrid Camera Dolly

Cameleon Hybrid DollyThe Cameleon Hybrid is our newest concept in affordable camera dollies. There's no hydraulic system, no electrical system, no charging, no pumping required, no other services or equipment needed, and no counterweights to lug around, making it completely self contained, and it still gives unlimited smooth and up and down camera movement.

And since we've eliminated all those complex systems, we've also eliminated all the maintenance that goes along with them, making this dolly virtually maintenance free.

Here's how it works: You simply attached your fluid head, and camera to the mounting plate, turn the crank at the rear to adjust for the weight, and then you can move the boom arm up and down like a jib arm, giving you 30" of smooth vertical camera movement as many times as you want.

There are also fine tune adjustments, to make sure the strength of the arm does not change throughout the vertical movement.

When your done filming, just lower the boom, latch it, and remove your camera. Then the next time you need it, just attach your camera, unlatch the boom. and you're ready go. There is no need to adjust it again.



Cameleon Hybrid Dolly

Cameleon Hybrid Camera Dolly

Once this dolly is set up for the weight of your camera, it becomes our easiest to use dolly with virtually no maintenance. The Steering Post can be detached for shipping, or to prevent it from being bumped by a Jib Arm, when used on track.

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


Track Wheel Configuration

Optional Track Wheels can be attached, with use of the optional Front Drop Bracket, to run the dolly on standard straight dolly track, and 45 deg. curved track with a 10' radius. These wheels will not work on 90 deg. short radius track.

Note: Standard Track is 1-1/2" Round Tubing at 24.5" centers)

Boom Arm Balancing

Use the Hand Wheel at the rear of the dolly to adjust the Boom Arm for the weight of your camera or other device when the Boom is down. (The handle folds down when not in use)
  Cameleon Dolly

To balance the Boom Arm when it is all the way up, use the fine tune adjustments on each side of the arm. This will give you a perfectly balanced arm for raising and lowering the boom while filming.

Cameleon Hybrid Boom Latch

Boom Arm Latch

When moving the dolly around to different set-ups, lower the arm and latch it to prevent movement. Also, always lower the arm and latch it when removing or attaching a camera or other device.

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


Boom Arm Brake

Engage this brake to prevent the arm from moving when it is balanced. This will not hold the arm in place when the arm is not balanced.

Cameleon Dolly Brake

Parking Brake

Engage this brake to keep the dolly in place on level ground. Do not engage while the dolly is moving. If the dolly is not on a level surface, sand bags or wheel chocks should be used to prevent movement.

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


4-Way Leveling Head and Mounting Plate

The Leveling Head is used to make the mounting plate level when the dolly is on an incline, making sure camera panning and tilting are normal. The mounting plate fits industry standard Mitchell Mount equipment, such as fluid heads, ball adapters, jib arms and camera risers.


Platforms give the camera operator more room for feet, battery packs, and other accessories, and are easily locked into place with the push pin support rods.


With the use of the Front Drop Bracket, platforms can be placed in the front of the dolly, and in 2 different positions on the sides.

Available with 2 types of Wheels

You can choose from either Inflatable Pneumatic Wheels, (top left) which will run on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, or dirt, or Studio Wheels, (bottom left) for use on smooth studio floors.

Note: When rolling the dolly on very rough surfaces to reach your filming location, lower and lock the Boom Arm, and remove the camera, to prevent excessive shaking and vibration to your equipment.

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


Steer Only Dolly

The steering post turns 90 degrees to the Left and 90 degrees to the Right, making a very tight turning radius, that pivots around the leveling head.

Front and Rear Lift Bars

This dolly does not have a "Crab" mode but is easily positioned because of its light weight and convenient lift bars

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


Cameleon Hybrid Dolly

Front Utility Sockets

These sockets, on each side of the arm are for attaching seats or other equipment with a Junior Stud (1-1/8")

Cameleon Hybrid Dolly


Rear Utility Sockets

The rear sockets have a locking handle and are used for attaching equipment with a Junior Stud or another device with a 3/4" to 1-1/8" post or stud.

Using A Jib Arm

These optional adjustable rods can be attached to the Frame and Boom Arm to support additional weight, such as a Jib Arm. The Boom Arm can not be moved when these are attached, and the maximum capacity of the Arm when using these is 250 lbs (114kg)


Getting Extra Height

Optional 6" Risers are available for getting your camera a little higher when needed.






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Steering Post Height (to hand grips):
Minimum Height for Shipping:
Weight (without attachments):
Vertical Boom Travel:
Low Lens Height :
High Lens Height (without risers):
Maximum Boom Lifting Capacity:

43.5" (110cm)
24" (61cm)
36.25" (92cm)
22" (56cm)
225 lbs (102kg)
30" (76cm)
27" (69cm)
57" (145cm)
75 lbs (34kg)



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