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The Vector Hydraulic Camera Dolly - Model 3

Vector Camera DollyThe Vector 3 is our most advanced, full featured, hydraulic camera dolly, with higher precision and a lower price.

Some new features include a detachable power cord, an upgraded steering system with more ball bearings for easier and smoother steering rotation, and more stainless steel parts, to prevent corrosion.

Standard Vector features include two steering modes, rear wheel steer and all wheel crab, with infinite crab rotation. A hydraulic accumulator system for smooth and quiet boom movement, lifting a camera with straight vertical movement and about 4 lifts per charge.

As with all our dollies, the Vector has a unitized welded body giving it maximum strength and durability for decades of use, and is finished with a black texture powdercoat that is UV and chemical resistant.


Semi-Automatic Electric Charging
Here are the START and STOP buttons, and the indicator lights, including POWER, READY, PUMP ON, and LOW OIL. Press the START button to start charging, the pump will shut off automatically when the pressure reaches 1800psi. Press the STOP button at any time to stop charging before 1800 psi.

Boom Control Knob
This knob controls the boom movement, up and down. It controls the speed of the boom movement from a very fast full rise in about 1 second, to a very slow, almost imperceptible movement and it also feathers the action. This knob's position is adjustable for operator comfort.

Hand Pump Charging when no AC Power is Available
Use this hand pump to charge the accumulator when there is no AC power available.

Shift Steering Modes 'On The Fly'
Shifting steering modes is easily done on the steering post, simply rotate the inner grips to change between Steer and Crab. Steer mode turns only the rear wheels, and Crab mode turns the front and rear wheels with infinite rotation.

4-Way Leveling Head
The Leveling Head is used to make the mounting plate level when the dolly is not, making sure camera panning and tilting are normal.

Parking Brake
Pull the brake lever up to set the parking brake. Push the lever down to release it. This brake is to set the dolly in a fixed position when it is not moving, it is not designed to stop the dolly while moving.

Boom Speed Limiters for Precise Boom Control
These valves are used to set a maximum speed for the boom movement. You can adjust the UP speed and DOWN speed separately. This is very useful when making very slow boom movements and it can be used to balance the Boom Control Knob. The Boom Control Knob is on the push bar and controls the boom movement with variable speed. The LIMITERS only limit the maximum speed.

Removable Steering Post
The Steering Post and Push Bar are easily removed for transportation

Front and Side Platforms
Platforms are available in two sizes and can be placed in either of two positions on each side, high or low, (high side position shown) or a platform can be placed in the front low position only with the optional Front Drop Bracket




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Steering Post Height (to hand grips):
Minimum Height for Shipping:
Vertical Boom Travel:
Low Lens Height (without Low Shot):
High Lens Height (with Red Camera):
Boom Lifts per charge:
Maximum Boom Capacity:

41.25" (105cm)
24" (61cm)
36.25" (92cm)
23" (58cm)
375 lbs (170kg)
30" (76cm)
34" (86cm)
64" (162cm)
180 lbs (82kg)




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