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The PD-8 Compact Camera Dolly

PD-8 DollyThe PD-8 is designed to meet the ever changing needs of today's filmmaker. It combines the functions of three dollies into one, with no electricity needed, no bottles of compressed gas to buy, and no batteries to charge. It is a completely self contained unit. And, without all those complex systems, we've eliminated all the maintenance that goes along with them.

The PD-8 can be used as a pedestal dolly in a studio application, where a single operator does all the camera work and dolly movements.

(Note: Not designed for vertical movement while filming)

The PD-8 can be used as a conventional film-style camera dolly, where the operator sits and a dolly grip does all the movement. Also, a second seat can be added if necessary

And finally, the PD-8 can also be used as a mount for a jib arm. With the seat and push bar removed, you'll have a full 360° of unobstructed movement.



The PD-8 in "Film Style" Configuration

This type of set-up usually requires at least 2 people, one to operate the camera and another grip to move the dolly. 1 or 2 seats can be attached, and up to 4 platforms can be used. Dolly movements should be pre-planned so the wheels can be set for the smoothest movement.

PD-8 Dolly


The PD-8 in a "Live Studio" Configuration

In this set-up, the camera operator also moves the dolly around. The wheel legs are set in the 'closed position' to minimize it's 'foot print'. Filming while moving the dolly should not be done, unless the wheels are set for a specific movement.

PD-8 Dolly

The PD-8 in a Jib Arm Configuration

When Using a Jib Arm on the PD-8, the column must be down all the way, as shown. For additional height, a Camera Riser can be used.

(Shown with an optional 6" Camera Riser)

PD-8 Dolly 

Raising and Lowering the Column

The column has 2 stages, with dual locking knobs for each stage, one on each side. To move the column, grab onto the curved lift bar to prevent sudden movement, and loosen the knobs on the stage you wish to move.

Once a stage of the column has been loosened, it can then be raised or lowered to the desired height.

Each stage has about 12 inches of movement, giving you a total of about 24 inches of travel.


PD-8 Dolly Leg Positions

Each Wheel Leg Can Be Adjusted to Suit Your Needs

The wheel legs can be adjusted for maximum stability or minimum size and in between. Just pull up the release pin as shown, and move the leg into position. The legs can also be set to swing freely for use on track.



 Each leg has 4 different positions, plus the closed position as shown above in the 'Studio Configuration'.


PD-8 Dolly

Wheels Lock or Swivel Freely

Each wheel pair can easily be set to swivel freely or be locked to any of 12 positions, at 30 degree intervals. This allows for a variety of maneuvers, either straight, angled or curved, and it can even be set to roll in a circle without the use of track.

PD-8 Dolly


Narrow Operation

When the Wheel Legs are placed in this narrow mode, the dolly is less than
21 inches wide, making it easy to move through a 24 inch doorway.


Side Platforms

Side platforms give the camera operator room for feet and battery packs, and other accessories, and are easily locked into place with the push pin support rods.


Four platforms can be attached to the base. The standard platforms are 6" x18".
An optional 10" x 20" platform is also available.


 The Versatile Push Bar

The push bar is easily attached, or removed, and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

PD-8 Dolly

The Push Bar can be adjusted to several angles
and be place in 8 positions around the frame, including the corners.


 Once you set up your shot, if you find the push bar is in the wrong place for easy movement, instead of moving the dolly around and resetting the shot, simply move the Push Bar to a better position.


Seat Attachment

Seats are easily attached by placing them in any of the 8 Utility Sockets, and the height can be adjusted using the knob on the riser post.

PD-8 Dolly


4-Way Leveling Head and Mounting Plate

The Leveling Head is used to make the mounting plate level when the dolly is on an incline, making sure camera panning and tilting are normal. The mounting plate is the industry standard Mitchell Mount which fits many fluid heads, ball adapters, jib arms and camera risers.


Column Pressure Controls

The air pressure in the column is shown on the gauge, this shows how much weight can be lifted.


Adding Column Pressure

Air is pumped into the column to compensate for the weight of the camera and other devices. Once the column is pressurized, you can move it up and down by hand. Each movement does not use up the pressurized air, it works like a gas spring, so you can have countless movements.

Note: Pressure will drop over time, so it will have to be pumped up occasionally.


 Use on Track

The PD-8 runs on standard dolly track with a 1-1/2" dia. tube rail. The Push Bar can even be set to push from the side of the track, so you don't have to walk over the track ties and coupling devices.

Note: The PD-8 will not run on square tube track.


 Lift Handles

Each wheel leg has a lift handle making it easy to adjust the legs, lift onto track, move into a tight position, and transport.


PD-8 Dolly Closed

Folds to a Compact Size

The PD-8 folds to a very small
27"L x 27"W x 31"H, for easy lifting and transportation, fitting into many types of vehicles.

PD-8 Dolly


On-Board Storage

The PD-8 can accommodate many of the attachments for transportation and storage. Shown on the right with the Push Bar, 2 platforms, a 6" Camera Riser, Seat, and the Air Pump.

Up to 4 platforms can be stored on
the dolly.





Standard Set-up for Maximum Stability
Narrow Mode
Minimum Size
Minimum Height
Carrying Weight, with no attachments
Vertical Column Travel
Column Lifting Capacity
Recommended Maximum Lifting Capacity
Column Load Capacity When Down
Maximum Jib Arm Capacity with Counterweights

Length 39" (99cm) , Width 30" (76cm)
Length 41" (104cm), Width 21" (53cm)
Length 27" (69cm), Width 27" (69cm)
31" (79cm)
135 lbs (61kg)
24" (61cm)
75 lbs (34kg)
50 lbs (23kg)
250 lbs (114kg)
250 lbs (114kg)

All Specifications and Features Subject to Change Without Notice





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